PAWsitive: 10-Day-Old Orphan Kitten Shows Unbelievable Will to Live Stunned and Sick

Interessante Gerüchte

Very badly on her arrival in a shelter, a cat a few days old was able to climb the slope thanks to the founder of the association, then her foster family.

The kitten’s strength of character is also no stranger to his incredible transformation.

A female kitten had been discovered alone, without her mother, before being taken to the Baby Kitten Rescue shelter in Los Angeles.

The little cat was only 10 days old, and surviving without her parent would have been impossible.

It was Caroline Grace, founder of the association, who took charge of it.

Named Clove, her protégé was covered in fleas, dehydrated, suffered from an infection and had a large scab in her armpit.

In addition, a gastric problem caused him terrible pain, according to Love Meow.

Clove was put on antibiotics and given other treatments.

Within hours, her condition improved and she was beginning to eat properly. Although tiny, she showed great determination.

A brave, curious and affectionate kitten.

As Clove grew and gained strength, she revealed her adorable personality.

„Ana continued to bottle feed her until Clove discovered dry food and decided she loved it,“ says Caroline Grace.

„She has grown into a brave, curious and affectionate kitten.”

At 10 weeks, the young cat was now ready to move on to the next step: adoption.

The Baby Kitten Rescue team quickly found the perfect home for her, announces the founder of the association.

When her new mom first met her, it was true and immediate love. They have an instant connection.

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