105 years old grandfather is scared to kiss his greatgrandson but when he does he’s filled with joy

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This 105 Pop was clearly giddy with delight when he first saw Easton.

He was naturally a little anxious, and at first he was particularly worried about disappointing Easton.

Because of that, he was reluctant to hold him.

Susan told Pop that everything was alright and insisted that he hold Easton when he is initially reluctant to do so.105 Years old great-grandfather was ecstatic since he was ready to spend the first time ever meeting his great-grandson. So why not?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get to hold their great-grandchildren in their arms. Parents Since the birth of their son Easton, Susan and Jason Zwolak have been anticipating this extremely important occasion.

Five days after his birth, they took Easton to meet his great-grandfather Pop.

Pop was a beloved figure in Susan and Jason’s childhood, and they felt really fortunate that Easton got to know him.

After a short while, Pop tentatively extended his hands, his heart racing with anticipation.

Pop finally encircled Easton, and you could see the excitement on his face.

Susan’s eyes welled up with tears as she saw the gruff grandfather transform into a little boy, his face beaming with happiness.He repeatedly nodded while focusing on Easton’s face.

Easton had a restful night’s sleep, but was awakened by his great-love grandfather’s.

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