11 years ago Anna 52 found a cub in the lilac bushes and decided to keep it

Interessante Gerüchte

Anna resided in a modest rural community. The wife didn’t know what to do on her day off because it was May.

Because her daughter lived elsewhere, Anna was alone.

She wished she had grandchildren, but her daughter insisted on pursuing a professional before starting a family, so the woman’s thoughts were not on her own grandchildren.

And because she was bored on her day off, Anna made the decision to go for a morning walk.

The package was actually quite little! The cub lay utterly still, his eyes closed, and it was unclear if he was still alive.

Anna mustered the bravery to hold the infant in her arms. A loud wail could also be heard at the same time.

But it was later discovered that’s exactly what occurred. The following day, Anna dialed 911, contacted social services, and called the police and ambulance.

It would be best if they didn’t locate them, though, as the family was discovered to be alcohol-dependent.

Simply put, they were against girls.

Simply deciding not to shoot another cub, the girl’s mother abandoned her under a lilac bush.

The infant was extremely fortunate to have been discovered in Olga. We can’t be sure if she would still be alive if she didn’t have a wife.

It was impossible to give the young child back to her parents because she lacked any other parents.

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