14 liters of soup and a bucket of potatoes a day: At 32 a woman gave birth to 12 children

Interessante Gerüchte

Now, the couple wants to adopt more kids.

The greatest delight in life, in Kate’s opinion, is having children. She works as a mother every day and is just a little over 30. Twelve kids are born to Kate and her husband Janis. The youngest son is just one year old, while the oldest is 14 years old.

Beginning when she was 18, Katya became pregnant practically yearly.

When she was 19 years old, she gave birth to her first kid.

With a fractured leg, Janis walked the stairs to the ninth floor every day she saw Kate because there was no elevator in the hospital.

Kate felt his thoughtfulness and generosity. They got married when Katya was 18 after the girl agreed to his proposition to establish a family.

The Kirichenko family’s first son, Jean, was born a year later.

The couple’s shared dream was a daughter’s birth. Eva was born when Kate was 20 years old.

Every morning at 6:30, Kate rose to make breakfast. She brought water from the well and made roughly 100 pancakes or 50 to 60 eggs.

She then dropped the kids off at school or the kindergarten while she took care of the chores and prepared dinner, which was 14 liters of soup.

The elder kids helped their mother by preparing hay, feeding the cows and chickens, working in the garden, and cooking. For instance, they were peeling potatoes from a bucket.

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