14 years ago little twins survived thanks to doctors: they can now live a normal and fulfilling life

Interessante Gerüchte

Abby and Isabelle Carlson are perfectly typical twins. They are identical twins who are shy and cute.

\It’s impossible to imagine that they wouldn’t have survived ten years ago.

The infants‘ tiny bodies were fused together when they were born identical twins.

The fact that Isabelle’s tiny heart was beating in Abby’s chest, however, was what made this situation the most challenging.

And the two bodies were combined with all the internal organs. But because of medical professionals, girls can now lead fulfilling lives.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have received specialized training to carry out such difficult operations for a while.

There were numerous stages, and there were complete medical teams for the heart, pancreas, liver, plastic surgery, etc.

And the hardest part is that there are actually two patients… Two lives must be saved since they are in danger.

On May 12, 2008, 17 doctors worked on the most challenging procedure! She was successful, both babies lived, and two weeks later the girls could return to their homes.

Already 14 years have passed. Girls have a lot of friends, live a regular life, attend school, do gymnastics, and enjoy being trendy. They frequently dress up in various clothing.

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