174 stray sweet kitties now have a proper place to be protected due to the world’s First AI car shelter

Interessante Gerüchte

The sweet roaming animals are in need of love and affection.

They need humans who will cuddle them and make them feel safe in this world.

Wan Xi is a Chinese computer engineer who has invented a mechanism that will help roaming animals to survive day after day.

This project will the roaming cats to have food and roof under their heads.

Her project was developed together with another welfare experts.

One of the most effective projects of Wan is the first AI driven cat shelter.

This shelter is built to provide food and comfort for more than 100 felines.

The temperature of the shelter is 27 °C and it is a comfy and safe heaven for all the cats.

There is a group of volunteers who regularly check the device and take care of the cats.

The database shows the number of kittens who need medical care!

This shelter is designed for stray cats and due to this man’s invention the cats‘ rights are protected!

The shelter will reduce the amount of mortality!

These cute kitties know that they have a warm and comfy place to go!

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