Two female dogs feel love at first sight for an abandoned kitten and take on the role of moms

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Zach Hearn and his partner thought their family was complete, until the day their 2 dogs fell in love with a stray kitten. A saving encounter for this puny creature.

Tang and Cream are the delight of their owners, Zach Hearn and his girlfriend. The friends, happy together, weren’t expecting to welcome a fifth mate to their group.

While out for a walk in early April, the female Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel suddenly stopped and looked intrigued.

“You could hear a meow a bit further away, so the 2 ran off to investigate,” Zach told The Dodo.

That day, the female dogs unearthed a tiny ball of hair about 4 weeks old. Dirty, skinny and lonely, the kitten desperately needed help.

The man feared that his 4-legged companions would chase him, but they behaved differently.

Zach was stunned to find his dogs comforting the frightened little feline (which turned out to be female).

“Tang started to moan and lay down next to her, explained the witness of this touching scene, Cream started to lick and clean her. »

Zach knew he couldn’t leave the young cat on her own, so he picked her up and carried her home. The survivor was treated to a good bath, as well as a delicious meal.

Zach and his girlfriend have also prepared a cozy nest for her, so that she can rest in peace.

„We decided to name her Tou Jiang, which means ‚Jackpot‘,“ the couple said, at first she didn’t have much energy and she slept a lot.

But after being fed regularly and given a warm place to sleep, she came alive. »

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