The duo of kittens discovered in poor health receive the sweetest welcome from the cats of their foster family

Interessante Gerüchte

In foster care, 2 young cats found comfort with the cats of the house. As they had done before with the other kittens welcomed by their owner, they placed them under their wing.

2 female kittens left to fend for themselves urgently needed help.

Stella (tabby dress) bore bite marks, and her slightly taller sister Luna (black dress) also required care and attention.

Aged 5 to 6 weeks, they were entrusted to IndyHumane, an association based in Indianapolis in the State of Indiana.

Jennifer, foster mother for the association, took care of them. She was immediately charmed by these young cats whose good humor was intact, including Stella despite the discomfort caused by her injuries.

His health gradually improved thanks to antibiotics and treatments. Luna did not take long to be very active.

However, she was careful not to push her sister, as if she knew she was still vulnerable. Then, as she healed, Stella became almost as vibrant as she was.

Bodie and Bear, Jennifer’s cats, always turn into big brothers for the kittens she takes in. They did the same with Stella and Luna when they were able to meet them.

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