2 years old girl saves mother’s life with video call: it is incredible story

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Jasmine Pownsberry, 24, from the UK, passed out in front of her 2-year-old daughter due to a severe allergic reaction to the medicine.

The little girl was not in trouble – she managed to save her mother’s life thanks to the application on her smartphone.

When the woman lost consciousness and fell to the ground, hitting her head, only her 2-year-old daughter Esme was in the house.

Seeing her mother unconscious, the young girl became concerned – she managed to find her mother’s smartphone, unlock it and make a FaceTime call to her mother’s best friend.

The woman’s friend called an ambulance and the girl’s mother was successfully hospitalized. It turned out that a 24-year-old housewife had a severe allergic reaction.

According to the accounts of the injured mother, before losing consciousness, in addition to an allergic reaction and ear infection, she had severe headaches.

The smart Esme remembered not to open the door to strangers – at this point, she had to be persuaded to make an exception this time.

The woman reassured the little one and ordered them to follow his mother while the ambulance was on the way.

The daughter really took care of her mother before the ambulance arrived, covering her with a blanket. Later, after the doctors arrived, Father Esme came home.

„She’s my little heroine!“ I still can’t believe it,” says the happy mum.

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