3-day-old kitten found on the street clings to life with support from other animals


The entire family rallied around a frail and ailing kitten, including dogs and cats, to help him get back on track.

It was the combination of this encouragement and the small feline’s tenacity that made the difference.

Fiona was taken to the Humane Society shelter in Hamilton County, Indiana, when she was only three days old. She weighed barely 83 grams at the time.

Kelsey Minier, a volunteer foster mother, was immediately entrusted with the kitten cat.

She had a respiratory illness, but she was too young to get treatment.

First and foremost, she required warmth and sustenance. For a few days, Fiona appeared to be progressing in the right way, gaining weight and strength.

His health began to worsen against all odds.

Kelsey Minier informed Love Meow, „She was losing energy and not eating.“ The next day, we took her to the shelter veterinarian.

„They took X-rays and examined her, but there was no definitive explanation. “ The only thing they could do was administer antibiotics in extremely modest amounts.“

His health was deteriorating. We in the foster family braced ourselves for the worst.

Everyone stayed at his side all night. The cats and dogs in the home followed suit.

Fiona was still alive the next morning, but she was unable to feed herself.

While the animals attempted to calm her, Kelsey Minier persisted on feeding her with a syringe.

The cat then regained the stamina to drink from a bottle alone in the evening.

A minor miracle…“All of a sudden, she hung on to the bottle and drank more than she had swallowed in 2 days, recounts the volunteer. We cried. We were so happy”.

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