A good news: 33 circus lions come back home to Africa after being kept a long time in misery

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On these days all of us need to hear some kind and pleasing stories.

This one is one of those. By the roar that these 33 lions we understand that they are finally at home.

Being kept in traveling circuses in Peru and Colombia, these sweet lion’s amazement when they knew they are at home is so heartwarming.

They really had to pass through lots of difficulties. Animal Defenders International reported that they made efforts in order to find the lions from illegal circuses in Peru and Columbia.

It took them nearly 18 months in order to save 100 animals and 33 lions from that terrible conditions.

They had to live in tiny cages for a long time and due to ADI saving their life was possible.

The most terrible part of it is that their teeth were all taken away and they simply couldn’t go back to the wild.

Now they will continue to live in their home, in Africa being surrounded by the sun, the night sky, bush and the natural sounds around.

Tim said that rescuing these cute lions was one of the most wonderful moments in his life.

Now they are safe and finally in their lovely home.

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