This couple has a 46-year age gap: 37-year-old man defends his marriage to 83-year-old wife

Interessante Gerüchte

A little over a year ago, 80-year-old British Iris Jones met a 35-year-old Egyptian on Facebook.

Now the lovers have already formalized their relationship, and the old woman managed to show off her life on national television.

Recalling the beginning of the correspondence, Irene told how, a few months after meeting the handsome Mohammed Ahmed Ibriham, she packed her bags and flew to him in Cairo.

The first night, according to the lovers, they spent in bed. A year later, it became known that Irene and her young lover got married in Egypt.

Of course, many were skeptical about the news of the marriage. They are sure that the young man is a gigolo and will take all her money.

But such a cynical opinion has very real grounds.

According to the lovers, before meeting Irene, Mohammed worked as a welding inspector, but he quit his job “to spend more time with his love.”

Now he lives in a three-room apartment with his younger sisters and brother.

Things are much more pleasant for the old woman: her own house with a veranda and a pension from the state in the amount of 200 pounds a week.

But Irene is sure: everyone is just jealous of her happiness. According to Mohammed, he himself is not without money. The man noted that, although his chosen one is 20 years older than his mother, he does not care.

“I do not need citizenship or her money, and I am quite satisfied with my life. I work and, thank God, I have my own savings,” says Mohammed Ahmed Ibriham.

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