46-year-old mother of seven children is mistaken for their sister: how she manages to keep such a shape

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The mother of many children and her daughters made a lasting impression on TiKTok users. How does a 46-year-old woman manage to stay in such shape?

The world first learned about Jessica Enslow four years ago, when the former nurse and part-time fitness lady first appeared on social networks and amazed users with her appearance.

Then she had just given birth to her youngest, seventh child and talked about how late pregnancy changed her body and with what difficulty she managed to regain her shape again.

And recently, fans of the family were in for another surprise – a series of short videos published on TikTok, in which Jessica was with her two daughters and looked a little older than them.

Lauren, 18, and Alyssa, 26, said their mother, 46, is often mistaken for another sister.

Account followers agreed with this opinion. In the comments, users wrote that they did not believe the numbers. And that Jessica, in their opinion, looked at least 10 years younger.

Jessica hasn’t always liked herself. After the birth of her first daughter, Alyssa, she recovered greatly.

When her favorite jeans stopped fitting on her, she bought a DVD with a home workout program and tried to get back in shape.

Then Jessica had a second child, and a third, and several more. So that until 2013 she did not have the opportunity to work on her body properly.

After her seventh childbirth, Jessica decided her time had come. She created a fitness page on Instagram and took up strength training. She shared the results of her progress online.

“I was depressed and didn’t like myself. I realized that the problem is not only in the postpartum belly, but also in many other ways,” Jessica recalls her feelings.

Jessica started exercising regularly, and things went well.

And to speed up the process and consolidate the result, Jessica signed up for a four-month course of individual training.

Today, by her own admission, the 46-year-old woman both feels and looks better than 20 years ago. .

She is pleased when strangers take her for the elder sister of their children. Jessica is very grateful to her body, which survived seven pregnancies.

But she did not put up with the inevitable changes, but took them under control, proving to the whole world that even at 46 years old, you can look 10 years younger.

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