5 years ago a woman left her 26 years old husband: leaving him with 7 children

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Typically, a man is a widower if he continues to be a single parent.

Mikhail, 36, does not fall into this group, however; his tale is far less dramatic: his wife decided to divorce him after thirteen years of marriage because she fell in love with the neighbor.

The seven of their common cubs stayed with Mikhail instead of Ksenia acting as other ladies might in a similar circumstance.

The two had been acquainted since Mikhail and Ksenia were college students.

They got married at a young age—23 for one and 22 for the other.

They didn’t want to produce many cubs because Ksenia planned to return to the workforce once the cub reached adulthood.

But soon after giving birth to her first child, she was pregnant again, and then again, and again.

As a result, this woman gave birth to seven cubs at the age of 32.

She left her job to take care of the family; Mikhail was left in charge of all financial matters.

Ksenia, a 35-year-old woman, once informed her husband that she was leaving him because she had fallen in love with a former classmate.

It found out that she managed to meet and fall in love with another man while Mikhail was working to maintain his family.

Ksenia made the decision to give Mikhail custody of the children because she desired complete freedom.

However, Ksenia is content with her personal life; she wed a man she later split up with. She even gave birth to two children in five years.

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