51 years old model Naomi Campbell showed off the first photo of her nine months old daughter

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There is an opinion that a surrogate gave birth to a girl for her, or even adopted her.

Today Campbell, 51, who has yet to reveal the name of her child, revealed her daughter was not adopted.

„He’s my child,“ she said dryly. Campbell also said that a limited number of people knew that she was preparing to become a mother, it was her secret.

He’s my kid, she remarked sarcastically. Campbell added that her plans to have a child were kept a secret from most people and that only a small group of people were aware of them.

In fact, not only Campbell’s followers but also her well-known pals like Zoe Saldana, Sophie Turner, and Gwendolyn Christie were shocked by the baby’s arrival.

They naturally delighted in this wonderful news and told Naomi.

She is a greater blessing than you may realize. The model, who does not completely rule out the prospect of having another child in the future, calls it the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Campbell has previously acknowledged that she left her family behind to pursue a lucrative modeling contract.

The actress claims that forgoing a romantic relationship was the toughest sacrifice she had to make.

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