52 years old Korean looks younger than her daughter: It is amazing story

Positive Schwingungen

In recent years, this Korean woman has attracted admiration online. She appears young for someone who is 52, which is a problem.

People are curious as to how this is feasible. It’s astonishing that she doesn’t perform cosmetic surgery or support beauty injections.

Her own daughter likewise admires the mother’s looks. Lee Su Jin, a dentist from South Korea, is the name of our heroine.

Up until recently, she led a life similar to that of most people. But when she aggressively took charge of social networks, more and more people got to know her.

The beauty currently has 128,000 subscribers. On the web, there were frequently contentious discussions centered on Li Su Jin.

Additionally, she occasionally received invitations to participate in interviews and television productions.

Of course, everyone wants to know the Korean woman’s secret to beauty and youth. She claimed that in order to be like her, you must always maintain a positive attitude, enjoy yourself, and keep skincare in mind.

She has a high school-aged daughter. They all believe they are sisters. Lee Soo seems incredibly youthful.

The dentist, incidentally, enjoys exercising a lot, as evidenced by her toned and trim figure.

She currently has a respectable modeling career and is featured in numerous magazines.

She has also established her own sense of style when dressing. Yes, Lee Soo generally takes care to maintain her sense of style.

She recommends following a diet, doing yoga, and, of course, hitting the gym in order to stay in shape for a very long period.

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