6-year-old boy who has long desired a sibling rejoices at the first meeting with his premature brother

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What can be more sincere than true brotherly love!

Any parents can be considered happy if their children respect and care for each other. An example of a real feeling for a loved one was shown by a 6-year-old boy named Mike.

He already loved his brother, who was not yet even in the plans of his parents.

Mike’s mom and dad, Jessica and Michael Marotta, dreamed of giving their son a brother for a long time.

But after an unsuccessful pregnancy, Jessica no longer thought that she could please her son. But a miracle did happen – soon Jessica found out about a new pregnancy.

The long-awaited baby, who was named Jake, was born prematurely.

The child was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction. The boy was born weak and tiny, so he had to spend another two months in intensive care.

All this time, 6-year-old Mike was looking forward to the first meeting with his brother. But he saw baby Jake only 11 days after his birth.

The moment Mike and Jake first met was incredibly touching. The boys‘ parents captured this magical moment.

Soon, baby Jake got stronger and went home with his mother.

“Mike is so happy that his brother is already at home and everything is fine with him. He tries not to leave him and every morning meets the baby with gentle hugs. And Mike is in awe of Jake’s hair color – it’s the same fiery red as his!” — said the mother of the boys, who was lucky to observe true brotherly love.

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