Terminally ill 6-year-old girl fulfills her dream of becoming a police officer to keep fighting the bad guys

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A six-year-old Texas girl with terminal cancer said she had always dreamed of becoming a police officer.

So the Freeport Police Department decided to make her an honorary officer for the day — and the police chief burst into tears as he swore her in.

Abigail Arias has a stage 4 Wilms tumor that has wrapped around her aorta. She went into remission within five months, but then the disease spread to the girl’s lungs. There is no way to cure this disease, writes CBS News.

“It just devastated us,” says the girl’s father, Ruben Arias.

Abigail’s mom, Eileen, admitted that “the family’s greatest struggle is to say no to fear.”

Abigail has come up with a good way to fight the cancer cells, which she calls the “bad guys” in her body. The girl wanted to defeat them by becoming a police officer.

The girl first met with police chief Ray Garivey in December and told him about her dream.

“I said, ‘We will do it,’” Garivey shares.

Last Thursday, the department invited Abigail to be sworn in as an honorary officer on one condition: Garivey forced Abigail to make a promise in her oath.

“Now and forever, I promise to keep fighting the bad guys until all my cancer disappears,” she said.

The chief could not hold back his tears, swearing an oath to a terminally ill girl. He was overwhelmed with emotion when Abigail received the badge that was put on her little police uniform.

Abigail got into the police car and ate the officer’s donut.

“I felt excitement and love,” the girl admitted.

After the end of the day, Officer Abigail swore that she would keep her promise to Garivey.

“I want to help the bad guys get away,” she said. “I want this cancer to go in five seconds.”

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