63 years old man is interested in collecting dolls but his family thinks these dolls haunt them

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Barry Collingswood, a 63-year-old native of Kingsbridge, England, began collecting dolls eight months ago, and since then, his collection has increased to 30 items.

Her family members don’t enjoy the same things she does, and they say the dolls haunt them.

Said Sarah „She is not welcome in our home, and I don’t even want to look at her. Therefore, I went and tossed it away,“ says Barry.

„The doll, which was still wrapped in plastic, was blown away by a blast of wind as soon as I placed it in the trash can, which I know sounds absurd.

Josh, his son who recently turned 18, compared his father’s residence to the 2014 horror movie Annabelle, in which a haunted antique doll terrorizes the entire family.

„I wish to reside in a home without these dolls glancing in my direction.

While they appear attractive during the day, Josh, who fantasizes about leaving his residence, claims that the house becomes ominous at night.

„I don’t think they’re all possessed, but it feels like they’re monitoring me while I’m at home alone,“ the speaker said.

The dolls allegedly abruptly turn on and off household appliances, according to the family.

Sarah, 56, claimed to have found out that the dryer had turned off by itself in the middle of the night.

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