7 years old boy is a fashion sensation: the whole world is admiring his gorgeous long hair

Interessante Gerüchte

Farooq James, who is well-known for having long, curly hair, is already well-known on social media and is pursuing a promising future in children’s design.

Even though he is only 7 years old, the child already has more than 258,000 Instagram followers.

He was given the chance to model for several clothing companies when fashion shows were taking place on one of the most significant catwalks in the world.

With his hair, this London-born child has drawn everyone’s attention. When Bonnie, Farouk’s mother, uploaded the first images of her child to her personal Instagram account in 2014, the success story officially began.

He was just three years old at the time, but his remarkable afro hair, combined with his attractive face, helped him become a network favorite.

Since then, it has gained an increasing number of fans, and its fame has grown alongside the popularity of luxuriant hair.

Before he was even born, Farouk had a lot of hair. He had a lot of hair from birth.

In fact, at around six months pregnant, when I did the ultrasound, you could actually see her hair floating in the womb, said Bonnie.

Beaty is the expensive thing. You should appreciate in it.


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