73 years old woman who doesn’t like her long thin hair has a striking new look

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A lot of folks desire lengthy hair. Long hair, however, is a nightmare for some people.

One illustration is Sandy, a 73-year-old Boston, Massachusetts, resident.

Because her hair had gotten past her shoulders, she was proud to let it down, but she detested the way it looked!

Like many other ladies her age, Sandy wasn’t satisfied with the way she looked and wished she could pack a little more of a beauty punch.

Fortunately, she was in the proper location as soon as she plopped down in The Makeover Guy’s armchair.

They assert that „age is just a number“ and „you are only as old as you feel.“ Sandy is another person who does not believe that her actual age really reflects how she truly feels on the inside.

Despite being in her seventies, she felt like a young lady in her forties. But as she frequently does, Sandy had also sensed the apparition of old Mother Nature.

The East Coast woman saw her fatigue in the mirror and needed help recovering some of her youth.

I simply need a little oomph because I become a little worn out as I get older, she admitted.

As we age, our hair tends to thin and is sometimes more challenging to grow, which is a worrisome characteristic.

Dermatologist and clinical faculty at USC Tsippora Shainhouse spoke to Women’s Health

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