78 years old Antoine has a pension of less than 4,000 euros after giving up his career to live on a boat

Interessante Gerüchte

After years of success in the music industry, Antoine made the decision to completely alter his way of life.

Learn what occurred. Fans of 60s music no longer need to be familiar with the name Antoine.

His well-known song „Les lucubrations“ is largely responsible for his success in this industry.

The French fall in love with the song right away, and the words can be heard on every street corner.

The student from the Ecole Centrale’s life changed after that. In fact, he was viewed as a rival of a legendary French rocker of the day.

But even if there wasn’t a significant disagreement between the two vocalists, Jean-Marie Périer wanted to set the record straight.

Therefore, the photographer kept them in a room and would only let them to go if they „reconciled.“

The two musicians continued to communicate as a consequence.

At the age of 30, Antoine chose to leave the music business in 1974 after ten years of success. He then made the decision to travel the world on various boats.

He was able to travel to locations like Australia and New Zealand because of this.

The musician said that he had no regrets regarding his career in the music industry.

He claimed that if he had to do it over again, he would proceed in the same manner.

The French singer’s opponent, Le Taulier, does not regret performing at all if he is honest about the fact that he still dances and sings when on his yacht.


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