80 years old woman’s unexpected street piano performance stuns crowds and internet

Positive Schwingungen

Music can be used to treat pain in both physical and emotional ways.

Our entire mood can be changed by a single song or performance.

This senior has gained notoriety for motivating numerous total strangers with her musical talent.

Natalie was raised in Melbourne, Australia, and has a passion for music. Her love for this artistic medium helped her get through the challenging years she had.

Natalie had to deal with her spouse severing his relationship with her in addition to the regular heartaches that everyone has throughout their lives. She miscarried her two kids and briefly fell into homelessness.

She just proved to the world that living a challenging life or not having a lot of money does not prohibit you from developing your talent as a pianist.

She still astounds people at 80!

Natalie Trayling’s son, Matthew Trayling, just posted a video of his mother online. In the video, Natalie sits at a roadside piano and plays a slow song that quickly increases up intricacy and tempo.

Natalie’s hands move effortlessly over the keys as cars pass by on the busy road behind her.

When the video is over, viewers can tell that a sizable crowd was present the entire time and was following her performance.

The video has now accumulated more than a million views on YouTube. In the performance you can see here, Natalie’s passion and suffering are palpable.

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