This 85-year-old woman completely transformed her body in 2 years: she has changed beyond recognition

Interessante Gerüchte

Our heroine’s name is Anna Pesce.

At the age of 85, she accomplished a real feat! The brave woman became interested in regular yoga classes in order to overcome the disease that had plagued her for many years.

Even young people find it difficult to force themselves to exercise daily, without long breaks. A woman at such a venerable age, who decided to drastically change her life, is an example to follow.

For many years, the old woman walked hunched over.

The reason is unawareness, because if people were taught to do elementary physical exercises in the morning from childhood, every second person would not suffer from spinal diseases.

One day, the old lady was walking up the stairs when she suddenly experienced an acute attack of pain in her back. Relatives put Anna in a wheelchair, she lost all hope that she could walk again.

But miracles do happen, and how nice it is when even sophisticated people in old age continue to believe in them.

Our heroine proved to everyone that scoliosis can be cured!

Anna’s granddaughter took up yoga and even became an instructor. She wanted to help her grandmother and asked her friend, a back specialist, to work out with her beloved grandmother.

It took Anna Pesce 2 years to get back on her feet, straighten her back and forget about the pain. She did yoga with an instructor only once a week.

Anna Pesce recommends yoga for all older people. Breathing exercises and gymnastics will help solve any health problems, even very serious ones, the clever grandmother believes.

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