9-year-old girl saves her family from carbon monoxide poisoning after unlocking her father’s phone

Interessante Gerüchte

It became known that a nine-year-old girl managed to save those inhaled with carbon monoxide. She called the emergency services, and everything ended well.

Jaylene Barbosa Brandão was in bed on October 28 when she suddenly heard her father screaming and ran to find him and her mother, who had passed out.

As it turned out, they inhaled carbon monoxide and could not do anything.

The incident took place in Brockton, Massachusetts.

As it turned out, there had been a power failure in their house a few days earlier. So the family started using the generator that is installed in the house.

And they were absolutely sure that it was installed in a safe place. But it turned out that this was far from being the case.

At the moment, dad and mom felt bad, and the man only managed to scream that the woman had lost consciousness, and the girl heard it.

When she approached her parents, they were both already unconscious.

It was lucky that the girl turned out to be smart, took her father’s phone, unlocked it via Face-ID, and called the emergency service.

“I thought it was just a headache, and then for 2–3 minutes after that I didn’t feel anything,” Brandão’s mother said.

It turned out that the house was filled with carbon monoxide. The concentration of the gas was potentially lethal.

The girl’s mother said her daughter’s actions saved their lives. Its concentration exceeded the norm several times.

Fortunately, everything ended well, and the family is on the mend.

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