A 10 month old Mexican boy weighing 28 kg is the fattest child in the world: how is he living now

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Luis Gonzalez, a 10-month-old Mexican boy, weighs like a 9-year-old child – 28 kilos! Now Louis is called „the fattest child in the world“, although the boy’s birth weight was 3.5 kilograms. As for Luis‘ diagnosis, doctors are still guessing.

Only now has the family sounded the alarm. The weight of the boy at birth was 3.5 kg, already at the age of two months, he weighed 10 kg. The family took Louis to the local hospital for examination, where his condition seriously baffled doctors. Maybe the boy has a rare Prader-Willi syndrome.

For now, doctors are continuing to examine Louis to identify the causes of the rapid weight gain and make the correct diagnosis. Doctors also have a preliminary version of the diagnosis: Prader-Willi syndrome.

However, as a rule, little ones suffering from this disease constantly ask for food, which cannot be said about Luis. According to his parents, Luis eats little and does not often ask for food.

An alternative version of the diagnosis is that Louis has a hormonal imbalance. If Louis is really suffering from a hormonal imbalance, his treatment is quite expensive: an injection will cost $555.

The boy’s father earns $200 a month. In this regard, the parents opened a bank account to raise funds for the treatment of Luis. Louis cannot crawl or walk. It is difficult for him to stand up straight.

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