A 13 years old guy with his unique look caught everyone’s attention: he has the longest eyelashes

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Meet Muin Bachonaev, a 13-year-old who has gained notoriety for having extraordinarily long eyelashes.

Since she was a young girl, her eyelashes had been growing quickly.

The famous youngster established a record and was included in the record book when they reached a length of 4.5 cm.

He is referred to as the boy in the entire nation with the longest eyelashes as a result.

Her family migrated to Russia in 2010 in order to obtain permanent status; they were originally from Tajikistan.

Muin is the only one of the family’s four children to stand out from the other three in terms of appearance.

Since his first birthday, he has stood out, and even the nurses were surprised to see a newborn with long hair and eyelashes.

He is a responsible student and a regular lad in real life, though.

He asserts that he goes about his daily life just like everyone else and that his eyelashes do not bother him.

Even the physicians were concerned when he was born, believing that something was amiss with his health.

They did, however, find out that the boy was healthy.

Muin had his concerns, the boy’s father claimed, despite being known for being the first to set a record in their nation.

As he stated, another American already had eyelashes that were 6 cm long, therefore he might break the previous record.

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