A 17 years old married a 51 years old woman: this is how they are living together 20 years later

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Different-age marriages always spark a lot of debate and draw a lot of attention. Particularly when the wife is significantly older than the husband

Such a marriage with a significant age gap between the couple was annulled in 2000.

Jay Barham, a 17-year-old lad, wed Linda, a driving instructor. The woman was 51 years old at the time. The future couple met while Linda was an instructor at a driving school.

They have no idea that the relationship has developed into a serious feeling.

The society in which Jay and Linda lived did not support and did not comprehend their union. Everyone berated the woman and accused her of enticing the man.

Talk, rumors, and gossip could not, however, sever the bonds of a loving heart. They were wed.

Insinuating that Linda was capable of seducing and falling in love with an inexperienced male, she started to hear people refer to her as a kidnapper behind her back.

Jay’s parents hoped he would see his error in marrying a woman who was 51 years old and come to his senses.

A younger stepfather was not acceptable to Linda’s kids.

Only time will be able to demonstrate why the pair wedded. Their sentiments were validated, and they had indeed fallen in love.

Twenty years have gone since that time. The pair opens a modest shop in addition to deciding to take over the family business. They market candies.

They devote all of their spare time to caring for Linda’s seven grandchildren.

There are no kids shared by the spouses.

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