A 20 years old student left everything and took on the responsibility of raising seven children alone

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When you’re twenty, you want to hang out as much as possible with friends, have a good time, unwind, and make new acquaintances.

But regrettably, not everyone can afford to take advantage of their youth as much.

There are moments in life when a young person is thrust into a position of substantial responsibility and decision-making.

She would lose her parents in two years, according to fate. The girl was the oldest of eight children; the youngest was only four years old.

Social services started to take an interest in this family at the mother’s funeral, and it was decided to place all the kids in orphanages.

Christina’s heart broke as she wondered how they could ever be split up, what would happen to them, and where she would look for them all.

Fortunately, Christina was protected by the local authorities, and the guardianship service gave the family exactly six months to demonstrate that she could live independently of her older sister.

Christina was forced to leave college and begin working remotely in a rural area. She had to look after the household, milk the cows, and bring the kids up from school and the garden.

She prepared meals, cleaned the house, did laundry, etc. while the kids were away.

Social services went back to see them six months later.

They were able to ensure that the family was well taken care of, that everyone was fed, clothed, and clean, and that the house was in order.

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