A 26-year-old girl bought an abandoned police station building and transformed it into a dream house

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In 2018, 26-year-old Rachel Roberts purchased a two-story building that once housed a police station.

The house, located in the village of Scissett (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom), cost her £180,000. Rachel knew she had a massive task ahead of her.

For several decades, the house had been abandoned, and the local authorities showed no hurry to demolish or restore it.

By the way, the building was constructed in 1853 and was closed in 1969 when the police station was relocated to another place.

At the time of the purchase, everything inside the house was the same as it was 49 years ago: two cells with bars, offices with old paperwork left behind, and so on.

In some areas, mold was visible and had to be removed.

Rachel, along with her boyfriend Mike, came up with a plan for the renovation and got to work.

It took them over two years to transform the damp and dilapidated building into a bright and modern home.

By the way, in some rooms, the couple left the original flooring, ceiling beams, and even the bars in place of doors, turning them into interesting decorative elements.

In one of the rooms, Rachel and Mike decided not to touch the walls, keeping them as they were before.

At one point, the unique renovation in such an unusual building caught the attention of a TV show production team from one of the British channels.

Rachel and Michael were assisted in completing the work, and a story about the renovated house was filmed.

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