A 47 years old man eats for free at the restaurant thanks to an unbelievable trick

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A 47-year-old man eats for free at the restaurant thanks to an unbelievable trick

Imagine if you could eat in a restaurant for free whenever you wanted.

In Spain, a 47-year-old man made this dream come true, funnily.

The authorities still ended up putting an end to his little game, which did not go unnoticed in Zaragoza.

A 47-year-old Spaniard thought he was smarter than the others, but ended up tripping over the carpet in the city of Zaragoza.

For six years, Antonio went from time to time to the restaurant and consumed his meal, but refused to pay the bill when it was brought to him by the restaurateur, who therefore called the police.

When the officers landed on the spot, the man agreed to be taken to the station without putting up any resistance.

And naturally, the one who was nicknamed the king of the „simpa“, was always released because the nature of his crime constituted only a minor offense.

Spanish justice only very rarely punishes such offenses, and no charge was therefore ever brought against him.

In the worst case, Antonio had to pay a small fine or was banned from going to the restaurant he had cheated.

A judge, therefore, decided to make him understand the lesson by sentencing him to 15 days in prison so that he does not re-offend.

As if by magic, Antonio has not been caught red-handed since this prison sentence, but he has become a minor celebrity in Zaragoza.

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