A 65 years old woman gave birth to a daughter: How this atypical family lives today

Interessante Gerüchte

Valentina dreamed of experiencing the happiness of motherhood. The woman married twice, but she did not manage to get pregnant.

But Valentina is not one to give up easily. She passed many different examinations, and it turned out that the only chance to become a mother is IVF.

Of course, this procedure is not cheap, and the amount indicated for Valentina was not lifted.

She found several part-time jobs and diligently started saving for her dream. It took the woman 7 years to collect the money.

The doctors had no reason to deny Valentina IVF because of her superb health.

So, in 2011, at the age of 65, Valentina gave birth to a girl she called Anna-Maria, who was in perfect health. The daughter is currently 10 years old and is an energetic, happy, and inquisitive youngster.

At first, Valentina took her parental responsibilities a little too far.

She occasionally brought her child to school and even sat next to her in class because she didn’t want to lose her.

But with time, she has changed her viewpoint and now makes an effort to let go of the circumstance as frequently as she can in order to comfort her daughter.

Anna was not criticized by the teachers. She is only recognized for her hyperactivity.

The only issue is that the child struggles with writing. The girl breezes through humanities classes and succeeds in math.

How Anna will evolve in the future cannot yet be predicted. We can only anticipate a smooth process.

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