A 76 years old grandmother walks 24 kilometers a day to take her disabled grandson to school

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Shi Yuying, 76, of Guangxi Province, China, takes her nine-year-old grandson to and from school each day across a distance of 24 kilometers.

The youngster has cerebral palsy, and his inspirational grandmother is the only reason he can receive a good education.

For the past four years, Shi Yuying has been walking her grandson Haowen to school along the mountain trail.

Only the grandmother can care for the child because the boy’s mother married someone else and his father works in another city.

The old woman initially transported the disabled person on a bicycle for the first three years, but last summer the Chinese government provided her with a wheelchair.

Shi made an effort to take the boy to the doctor, but the medication was ineffective and just increased the family’s debt.

Despite having a terrible disease, the grandmother is confident that Haowen will be successful because of his outstanding memory, keen intellect, and love of mathematics.

But it gets harder and harder every year to get her to school. Shi Yuying declared, „I will push it forward as long as I have strength.

„The Chinese grandmother is still optimistic that she would be able to find Haowen an excellent school for people with disabilities.

She continues to walk 24 kilometers every day on a mountain route as she fights for her grandson’s future alone in the meantime.

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