A 9-year-old girl teaches the ice cream vendor at her school how to read

Interessante Gerüchte

Francisco Santana Filho is a 68-year-old Brazilian man who couldn’t read. For four decades, he has been selling ice cream outside an elementary school.

Luckily for him, one day he meets Bárbara Matos, a girl with a huge heart who decides to teach him how to read and write.

Barbara, 9 years old, decided to buy an ice cream and suddenly wanted to know something about the vendor. She asked him if he could read, and the man said no.

Since then, every day, the girl stays a little longer after finishing her classes to help the vendor. She goes from being a student to becoming a teacher, and she does it excellently.

Francisco goes to work selling ice cream, and when the time comes, he becomes a student. At the school gate, they both sit down to study.

„She is my teacher. She is a kind and special person. When it was time to leave, she stayed to teach me the alphabet,“ said Francisco.

Little by little, the vendor began to recognize letters and words.

Day after day, Barbara gets ready to teach something new to Francisco.

Now, even a teacher from the Diocesan College, Rizélia Sobreira, has taken on the task of instructing the vendor and supporting the girl in the process.

As a child, Francisco dreamed of becoming a journalist but never managed to make it happen.

Now he wants to focus on learning to read and write very well and then move on to mathematics.

Now he can write some expressions and, most importantly, he knows how to write his name.

This unique story became famous after the teacher took a photo of the duo studying and shared it on social networks.

Many have recognized the girl’s generosity and initiative, as well as the man’s desire to excel.

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