A 99 years old grandmother decided to go back to school and get an education

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Throwing books and a briefcase into hell because of old age is not acceptable. Leonor Cordal, who lives in Argentina, showed that being old is no obstacle to learning by attending school at the age of 99!

She is the oldest student in Laprida’s adult school, and she astounds everyone not only with

both diligently and within her years. Leonor did not miss a single class the entire time she was pursuing her education.

Leonor Kordal is living proof that learning is never too late. Little Leonor was forced to drop out of school as a result of her mother’s passing and the subsequent family issues. She only picked up reading and writing there.

In the town of Laprida, Argentina, Leonor takes adult education classes.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday she attends classes with other students who have long ago left their youth behind.

Despite some slight difficulties, Leonor keeps up with her academics. With age, your memory gets worse. When it came to remembering the schedule, I did a fantastic job of it, but by the time I got to school, I had forgotten everything—including how to read and write.

Grandma has decided to do more than merely go to school, and she is already thinking about her next step.

Leonor overcomes the obstacles and regains her ability to read and write. She also demonstrates a desire to learn new things.

Already thinking about the future, she says, „I want to learn how to use the computer for fun.

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