A bald eagle catches a fisherman’s catch just off the line: Let’s see what happened after catching the catch

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If you’ve ever gone fishing, you know that it can take hours before you catch anything.

Therefore, fishing is not the ideal sport for someone who tends to be impatient.

Fishing requires a lot of patience to be successful, but the rush you feel when you finally catch anything is well worth the wait.

Unless, of course, something or someone swoops in at the last second and steals the fish you’ve worked so hard to catch—and believe me, this does happen!

Actually, it probably happens more often than you think. Joel Wynans posted a video of the catch from his most recent fishing trip to Maple Lake in British Columbia on YouTube.

Even if he didn’t break any fishing records, the scenes he was able to capture are nonetheless incredible!

The short film documents the incredible moment a bald, predatory eagle dove from the skies and snatched the fish from its hook.

The fisherman’s reply cracks me up!

Naturally, the man screamed out a string of derogatory remarks to vent his wrath (and, strangely, his sense of humor).

According to Wynans‘ description of the movie, a local eagle attacks a fisherman at a nearby trout lake.

He dove multiple times before we could get very excellent footage.

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