A biologist rescued and personally raised 230 bear cubs: It is positive and interesting

Interessante Gerüchte

A remarkable man named Sergey, a biologist by training, resides in a little village.

Sergey has dedicated his entire life to caring for cubs abandoned by their mothers.

The entire family supports Sergey in his admirable endeavor, and his program for rehabilitating small bears is regarded as one of the most effective and successful in the world.

For Sergey, ensuring that young bears can survive on their own in the wild is his main objective.

But it is quite challenging. Sergei never uses any foreign scents, such as perfume or soap, when he is around the cubs.

Instead, he always wears a green jumpsuit. He thinks the bear shouldn’t become accustomed to the smell of the person feeding it.

The young cubs are fed a special cow’s milk-based combination. It is supplemented with egg yolks, infant formula, and vitamins.

They begin feeding the young ones special porridge once they are physically capable of doing so.

The cubs are not given treats or meat.

This is done on purpose to prevent the adult bear from looking inside individuals for anything calorie-dense and appetizing.

An adult bear himself should seek out the forest to „improve“ his diet.

Sergei still spends a lot more time with the bears, despite having three pups that require care and attention.

Despite all of his training, Sergey has released 230 orphaned bears out into the wild, while also caring for 10 bear cubs at this time.

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