A bird so green it almost seems to glow in the dark – meet the glistening green tanager

Interessante Gerüchte

That being the case, you’d anticipate this to be a difficult to detect bird, kind of dull in comparison to other vividly colorful birds.

That’s what most people think until they see a brilliant green, almost fluorescent Glistening Green Tanager.

This is the type of bird that sticks out even on the dullest of days, even in the midst of a forest of green trees.

And, no, the photo has not been altered in any way; it is a photograph of a Glistening Green Tanager as it was shot. They truly are that color.

I mean, there’s a reason these birds‘ names include the word „glistening.“

I’d almost believe you if you told me they shine in the dark.

Glow would, of course, be detrimental in terms of concealment.

The Glistening-Green Tanager may be found in Columbia and Ecuador’s woods. Unlike many other bird species, the males and females seem quite similar.

Females are a little duller, although still quite green, and their heads occasionally lack the white and red dots.

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