A blind man has never seen his wife and when he sees her for the first time: he only says two words

Positive Schwingungen

What emotions would you experience if you wed a stranger?

What if you were to have a child and had no idea what he looks like?

Even if you couldn’t see your family, you would still love them.

Gene Purdue had a similar experience. He had a retinal condition from birth that rendered him blind.

He occasionally notices hazy areas, but that is all. It took till he was 16 years old for a diagnosis.

He fell in love with a woman named Joy despite his illness. They soon had a son after being married.

Gene’s wife once observed a woman with the same ailment on the Rachel Ray Show. She used specialized equipment to see.

A cutting-edge eyeglasses firm gave this woman specialized electronic eyewear.

Joy was astounded to learn that this illness had a treatment.

On stage, Jin was unable to remain still. He was anxious and doubted that his goal would materialize.

The crowd assumed the glasses wouldn’t work when they were given to him.

But Gene added, „She’s beautiful,“ after turning to face his wife. Everyone was overcome with emotion at that time.

Gene took in his surroundings and contrasted them with the ideas he had endured for so long.

Gene was given these $15,000 glasses at the conclusion of the program.

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