A Brazilian dentist travels the world and treats people’s teeth for free: he wants to help poor people

Interessante Gerüchte

Felipe Rossi, a young dentist from Brazil, made the decision to volunteer.

He established the nonprofit organization Por1sorriso Foundation in 2016 with the help of his coworkers and collaborators, with the primary goal of aiding underprivileged individuals with dental health issues.

Since the doctors travel, as many people as possible can receive their care, and their center doesn’t have a specific address.

They have already visited places like Kenya and Mozambique.

Felipe Rossi’s patient Terri Rimmer made the decision to share her moving tale. A woman’s teeth were gone as a result of extreme stress.

She suffered from severe depression for a very long time. Not only did the woman develop problems as a result of the tooth loss, but she was also unable to eat normally.

Despite the long and rigorous course of treatment, everything went smoothly.

She got her former grin back from the dentist, along with her self-assurance and hope for a better future.

There are hundreds of patients under Felipe’s care, of which this is just one. His work is unique in that he provides genuine assistance to those without the means.

He is a very kind man. He enjoys doing kind things for people who are in need.

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