A brightly colored bird with 14 sub-species wearing a wide range of multicolored tones

Interessante Gerüchte

A little but brilliantly colored short-tailed warbler with 14 subspecies that come in a variety of rainbow tones.

The tropical parula (Setophaga pitiayumi) is an 11-cm-long bird with blue gray upper parts, a green back patch, and two white wing bars.

Their underparts are brilliant yellow, fading to orange on the breast.

Females of this species have a duller appearance than males and lack black on the head.

From southernmost Texas and northwest Mexico (Sonora) south through Central America to northern Argentina, including Trinidad and Tobago, this bird may be found.

Tropical paluta feed in the canopy and sub-canopy, frequently joining mixed-species groups.

These birds prefer insects and spiders, but may eat berries when they are available.

Little is known about these birds‘ nesting habits, however it is known that they like to nest among clusters of epiphytes, particularly Spanish moss, growing on a tree.

Within the poorly lined domed nest, the female will deposit up to two eggs. Incubation lasts 12-14 days and is mostly carried out by the female.

The Tropical Parula is quite prevalent in semi-deciduous and humid forests in northeastern Peru.

It is also scarce in the humid montane forest of the Andes‘ east slope at altitudes ranging from 700 to 1900 m.

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