A Chinese woman abandoned by her parents because of her appearance became a model for Vogue

Positive Schwingungen

However, Xueli also encounters a number of difficulties in her modeling job, where her exceptional appearance is a benefit.

She acknowledged that people with albinism are frequently made to pose as ghosts and angels.

A Chinese couple had a daughter who was albino. They abandoned her in an orphanage because they thought she was too ugly.

The baby’s fate, however, ended up being very different. Despite the fact that she has a monochromatic appearance, she has developed into a successful model.

Living in the Netherlands is Xueli Abbing. A child born with congenital albinism, a genetic condition marked by the total lack of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color.

She still doesn’t know her birthday because the baby’s birth parents didn’t leave any information about them.

She claims that in order to at least determine her approximate age, she took a hand x-ray in 2019.

She was fortunate when the infant was around 3 years old. Furthermore, she was taken up by a Dutch family that resided in Europe.

Furthermore, she initially tested herself as a model when she was 11 years old. And he was given this chance by accident.

A Hong Kong fashion designer was contacted by Xueli’s birth mother, who then started a campaign called Perfect Flaws. Her professional career was established with the fashion show.

She is now a successful woman and has already been featured in Italian Vogue magazine’s 2019 issues.

The girl now adores her job. She is also confident that by dispelling misconceptions about people who share her traits, she is improving the world.


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