A classic combination of black and white is finished off with a bold splash of red creating a terrific trifecta of color

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The masked cardinal (Paroaria nigrogenis) is a bird species with both sexes looking similar, reaching around 16.5 in length and weighing approximately 23 g.

It features a flat, stylized crown and a short, rounded occipital crest.

Its crown and forehead are red, with a little black mark on the chin, lore, and black ear coverings, resulting in a predominantly red mask.

This crimson spreads down to the molar area and throat, then spreads to the top half of the chest, making a bib.

The upper body, along with the wing and tail, is black.

The sides of the breast are white, and they reach all the way up to the top of the neck and nape.

The rest of the underparts, including the sides and under tail coverings, are white.

Each iris of this bird’s eyes is a bright orange. The legs are blackish, and the top bill is blackish with a percussion lower bill.

This species is related to the Marsh Cardinals (Paroaria gularis), however the Marsh Cardinal has a black mask and is considerably bigger.

The masked cardinal also has a black mark on its chin and a red bib instead of a black one.

The Masked Cardinal is found in the upper sections of the Negro River in eastern Colombia, northwestern Venezuela, Trinidad, and Brazil.

They like gallery forest margins near pools of water and damp Savannah. Preferring open spaces in general.

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