A colorblind girl has painted the landscape as she sees it: now everyone wants to see the world as she sees it

Interessante Gerüchte

The artist, who perceives colors differently from most people, has decided to paint a landscape that amazed her followers.

They compared the image to a fairytale apocalypse. Nyah_dunn is a colorblind girl who maintains her page on the popular TikTok platform.

The artist periodically shows the images she has managed to draw.

She perceives some colors differently, but at the same time, she has decided to experiment and not use special glasses.

The result has exceeded expectations. While drawing a landscape, she was guided solely by her idea of the world.

When the time came to choose a hue, she was certain she had a bottle of green in front of her, but it was actually a rich brown shade.

In the photo, the grass appeared – fiery red grass, purple leaves on the trees, but the girl guessed correctly with the sky’s surface: it turned out like an ocean.

The grass and trees in her photo turned a bright red, and the tree’s foliage became completely purple.

But with the color of the sky, the artist guessed accurately.

Thanks to the artist’s efforts, many followers realized that colorblindness is not a barrier to expressing creative abilities.

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