A comfortable and fabulous house inside and out a very ordinary shelter: you will be surprise

Interessante Gerüchte

Somewhere in the state of Oregon, in the middle of a dense forest and far from any human habitation, there is such an inconspicuous mink house.

At first glance, the scale of the hobbit is not otherwise.

But in fact, it is the American Dan Price who is having fun here, who built this unusual accommodation according to his own imagination. So what’s behind the door?

Price is one of those connoisseurs of life who understood that material possession should be the minimum part of your being, otherwise, you will wallow in debt and useless things.

He works at the cemetery, takes care of the graves, for a small fee, and sometimes takes part-time jobs. In a word, he doesn’t get tired, he doesn’t work hard.

In a nearby forest, he rents land for a symbolic $100 a year, on which he has built this magnificent house for only $75.

Not thousands or millions, the price of construction is less than the cost of a good dinner, but it has served it faithfully for 20 years.

Price is not homeless, although his house does not have an official address. Long ago he read Harland Hubbard’s book Pain Hollow, where the protagonist leaves the big city for a life in the forest and peace.

That’s what Price did — he left his wife and kids a big house in Kentucky, quit his job as a photojournalist, and moved here.

It has everything for life: a bedroom, a kitchen, the Internet, a library and warm toilets. Even the bike garage and he remembers paying his electricity and cellphone bills.

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