A couple finds a turtle in their garden that becomes their dog’s best friend: the unlikely one



It is a friendship as beautiful as improbable that lives a dog and a turtle having met in the Emirates. Back in the UK, they remained inseparable. Their family is very lucky to witness such a story.

Milo and Zelda are best friends, and their adventures are followed by more than 2,000 followers on Instagram. The first is a dog, a Pug, while the second is a turtle, as Metro tells it.

They now live with their masters in Nottingham, in the center of England, but their wonderful story of friendship began in Dubai. Their owners Michelle Mitchell, 33, and Tom, 36, moved there in 2016 for work.

After living in an apartment for some time, the couple had moved into a house with a garden. It was in the latter that Michelle had noticed the turtle walking quietly on the grass.

The family thought her abandoned or lost; she then inquired with the neighborhood and used social networks, in order to find possible owners, but no one knew her.

Michelle and Tom then took the turtle to the vet, who estimated its age at 9 years old. They adopted it immediately.

A news that delighted Milo, one year old at the time. Both are attached to each other never to leave each other.

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