A dachshund that fell from a plane miraculously survived in the Chilean desert

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In South America, a remarkable example of a miracle pet rescue is his place. In Chile, a dog survived after falling out of a moving jet.

The tale of Gaspar, a two-year-old dachshund, begins with his unsuccessful journey from Santiago, the capital of Chile, to Iquique.

The canine was flying in the direction of Janis Kavier and a close buddy. When the plane touched down, the animal’s carrier opened and dropped to the ground.

When the airport personnel began unloading the luggage, the dog bolted up in terror.

The Atacama Desert, which is regarded as the hottest in the world, is where the animal hid. The temperature there reaches more than 50 degrees Celsius, if not higher, throughout the summer.

When the friend arrived, the dachshund stewardess was mortified to discover an empty carrier. The girl asked for assistance from rescuers and shared a social media post about Gaspar’s passing.

Locals started seeking for a pet out of compassion. The airline’s representatives and members of the local army were actively involved in the hunt for Gaspar.

As a result, a week later, the dachshund was discovered in the  desert.

When it was found, the completely starved animal was hardly moving. He lost a lot of weight in six days in the desert, according to veterinarian Paola Bravo, who examined the dog.

It should be mentioned that the airline has already accepted responsibility for the issue and is undertaking an internal inquiry about the flight from which the dachshund was lost.

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