A diver was swimming in Hawaii when a dolphin swam up to him and asking for urgent help

Interessante Gerüchte

Divers were swimming with manta rays in Hawaii when a dolphin approached one of them.

She approached one of the divers as if she needed assistance.

They rapidly discovered that she was doing just that!

They discovered a fishing line and hook lodged in her flipper, preventing her from swimming freely and most likely causing her significant agony.

He carefully withdrew the hook, but his work was not finished.

Her flipper was still entangled in the fishing line.

Fortunately, he had scissors on hand and was able to cut her free. The paper reports that he then kissed goodbye as she swam away to freedom.

It’s incredible how intelligent these critters are. She swam all the way to him to ask for assistance and was really cooperative when he untangled her.

She even looked at him before swimming away, as if to say, ‚Thank you.‘ Keller Laros, a certified dive instructor and manta ray specialist, submitted the film.

He uses his film as an active underwater photographer for manta study.

He is also the co-founder and President of the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, a non-profit committed to „manta ray research, education, and protection in the marine environment.“

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