A dog that helps its owner get around in a wheelchair: It is a heartwarming story


The 11-month-old puppy makes an effort to be close to his owner and even appears to check that there are no obstructions in their way as they navigate the city streets.

While his owner maneuvers his wheelchair-accessible vehicle on the road using the levers, clever Magnus is seen creeping underneath a wheelchair to try to push and hurry it up.

The dog then emerges from behind the wheelchair for a brief moment to survey the scene before diving back underneath to assist the man.

A woman saw this heartwarming image.

When she saw the man and Magnus, she claimed she even made an attempt to give them both money and food.

The man, who refers to Magnus as his „sole family member,“ prefers to handle things by himself with a little assistance from Magnus.

Magnus was once struck by a bus, yet after recovering, the dog still goes on walks with its owner throughout the city.

The woman posted on Instagram, „It turns out that this dog has been hit by a bus previously and despite his dread of being on a road full of cars, he assiduously helps.“

Magnus, according to the man, began assisting him at the age of four months.

The dog is the lone member of his family, the man insisted.

The intimate relationship between Magnus and the man was hailed by online users.

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