A dog thought he had lost his family forever, but fate decided to reunite them


Sometime in January 2022, Cow was found tied to the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) fence. Frightened and longing for his family, he was taken care of by the volunteers of the shelter.

Louisiana SPCA volunteers opened the doors to their shelter in Cow, which had been abandoned overnight during January.

Tied to the fence of the establishment, the dog did not seem to understand what was happening…

Disoriented and frightened, the animal received all the affection of the volunteers. „He was very scared and growled softly when he met new people,“ one told The Dodo.

Over time, Cow began to come out of his shell and relax. His benefactors had been trying to find him a family for 2 months, when unexpected news came to his attention.

Shelter staff have learned that a family has been desperately looking for their dog since it was stolen. It was Cow! Somehow, the animal had ended up at the SPCA.

This made it possible to reunite him with his loved ones. The latter were delighted to discover that their favorite ball of fur would soon be returned to them.

Cow had become accustomed to the presence of the volunteers and was friendly with everyone. But when he saw his “mom” again, he reached an immeasurable level of happiness.

“Cow was so excited to see his family,” said a crew member, “he was jumping and wagging his tail like we’ve never seen him do before!

During the reunion, the dog was literally overjoyed, a real electric battery!

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